Central Park Performing Arts Foundation

Since the inception of the Central Park Performing Arts Foundation has taken on the task of fulfilling a particularly important need at the Performing Arts Center. The need for children’s programming.

Studies show that children who are exposed to and participate in the arts benefit in many ways. Higher academic achievement, greater communication skills and understanding, and tolerance for other cultures to name a few.

The Foundation provides the funds for 6-8 shows per year, all geared toward young audiences. These shows are written with educational and moral messages and are presented in a way that is fun and understandable for children. Additionally, those who attend learn theater etiquette and how to be a good member of the audience.

The Foundation completely funds these programs. With this funding, the Center keeps children’s programing at affordable rates and makes it possible for families, who may be on a tight budget, to bring their kids to live theatrical performances. Additionally, tickets are also donated to Title One elementary schools and to 501(c)3 charitable organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters, reaching an even wider audience.

Due to the success of the Children’s Series, the Center has asked the Foundation for additional funds to expand these programs. The Foundation is committed and excited to increase its support for these exceptional shows. We need your continued help.

Over the years CPPAF has donated more than $600,000 dollars in support of the Children’s Theater Series. All was made possible through fundraising efforts and donations from generous members of the community.

Live entertainment year round at affordable prices and event spaces for a wide variety of parties and corporate events.